Andrew Rutherford

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy in Pimlico and Belsize Park, London, UK.

My approach to therapy

I have an integrative approach to the way I work, that is, I am guided by the principles of different therapeutic modalities.  I bring together evidence-based practice, and clinical theory from neuroscience, counselling, psychotherapy and psychology, into a coherent framework to help you meet your goals for change.

How Iā€™m informed by this integration is lead by what you need in therapy and the kind of 'therapeutic relationship' that forms between us.

To read more about how I work you might find Louis Cozolino's book Why Therapy Works (2016) useful; or, for a lighter read, you could try the well-informed graphic novel Couch Fiction by Philippa Perry and Junko Graat (2010).